How Often Should You Train Taekwondo?

If you’re new to Taekwondo or trying to find a way to practice that allows you to improve quickly, you’re likely wondering how often you need to train. Figuring this out will enable you to plan your sessions to suit your needs and your body’s capabilities. 

You should train in Taekwondo at least two times every week. Training twice per week allows you to make progress and stay motivated without putting unnecessary stress on your body. Additional training sessions without proper recovery time can lead to burnout and increased injury risk. 

Let’s go over some of the ways to structure training at the individual level and how to find the best way to improve your learning speed. I’ll even examine some home training techniques and practices that can help you train additional Taekwondo skills.

How Often Should You Train Taekwondo?

You should train Taekwondo twice a week. Training two days every week allows you to learn and master new skills quickly, without overly fatiguing the body. Training more than twice per week can speed up learning, but only if you are able to recover sufficiently between sessions.

Not every Taekwondo student has the same expects or needs the same thing from their training. On top of this, training Taekwondo can be physically tiring—muscle pains and tweaks are somewhat common and people have different recovery capabilities.

As a result, not all Taekwondo students can train as regularly as others. Some students may find training twice per week more than enough, while others may have the capacity to train more frequently with no ill effects. 

If you’re starting out in Taekwondo, training twice a week is an excellent place to start. You can increase your classes per week after a while if you’re comfortable with it and monitor how you feel. 

Can You Train Taekwondo Every Day? 

For most Taekwondo martial artists twice per week is the recommended amount. However, students can train more often. So this leads to the question, can you train Taekwondo every day and have it be an effective use of your time in terms of your skill development? 

You can train in Taekwondo every day providing you can get enough recovery between sessions and train at moderate to low intensities. Most practitioners need days off from a recovery standpoint. So for most, training every day just adds injury risk and can hinder long-term progress.

While you do not need to be fit to start your Taekwondo journey, training daily sessions do require decent fitness levels. However, if you are already physically fit and have an athletic background, training more than twice per week is a great way to accelerate your learning.

Taekwondo students who participate in competitions may also choose to train daily to lead up to a showcase or match. This training schedule helps the student get in the best physical condition for Taekwondo as well as reinforces relevant skills and techniques leading up to the event.

Can You Get Better Training Taekwondo Once a Week? 

Most adults have trouble committing to a high-frequency training schedule due to other life responsibilities. Sometimes it may even struggle to make it to classes twice per week, so can you get better on a once-a-week training schedule? 

You can get better training in Taekwondo once per week. While training less often will slow down how quickly you improve, training just once a week does allow for skill improvements. Training more often or working on skills outside of classes can promote more progress.

While you can improve at Taekwondo by training only once a week, your progress will be a little slower if you compare it to more frequent training. Nonetheless, training once a week is far better than no training. 

If you have a busy life schedule, fitting in one Taekwondo class per week is enough to maintain your skills and slowly improve. Similarly, if you are not fit or you struggle with physical exercise, training just once per week can help build fitness and strength so that you can take up more classes in the future.

If it isn’t feasible to make it to more than one Taekwondo class, but you do have the ability to work on your fitness or train movements, this can make a big difference in the efficiency of your training when you do manage to make it to class.

Can You Train Taekwondo at Home?

Many people lead busy lives, having to make time for work, family, friends, and social commitments. As a result, finding time to make it to Taekwondo classes can be a significant challenge in certain time slots. If you have spare time at home, is it possible to make up for time not spent in official classes by training in Taekwondo at home? 

You can train in Taekwondo at home. Training at home is not as effective as training in person with a qualified instructor, but it is possible to practice basic skills and solidify techniques that you already know. Working on conditioning and fitness is also quite useful for supporting Taekwondo.

Training Taekwondo at home without attending any classes will not be effective. Without a teacher to give you feedback, your progress will be limited and slower. Sometimes, you won’t be able to master moves and techniques properly. However, if you attend some classes, these skills can be learned correctly under an instructor and you can simply sharpen your skills with extra training at home. 

You can train techniques and skills involved in Taekwondo at home. You can practice your footwork, punches, and kicks. Shadow sparring, which is similar to shadow boxing, is an excellent way to keep your skills up and improve without attending classes. 

Mastering Taekwondo requires excellent balance and agility along with physical strength. You can train for all of these at home. Home workouts for strength and conditioning, alongside balancing and mobility exercises, can assist you in getting your body into ideal condition for Taekwondo. 

Even simple popular bodyweight exercises like pushups, squats, and planks are fantastic for conditioning your body. Taking care of your workout at home will also mean that less of your energy is used in your Taekwondo classes because of your increased fitness. This provides you with more energy and focus to learn skills and techniques in lessons.

Final Thoughts

Nailing the right training frequency for your fitness levels and goals in Taekwondo is pretty important. You can still learn training only once or twice a week. Training more will help you to learn faster, but building fitness that can help Taekwondo or working on basic skills at home if you can’t make it to class can both help out in your skill development.

Maximize your growth in Taekwondo by fitting in as much training as possible throughout the week assuming that you can get adequate rest and recovery.

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