Do You Need to Be Fit to Start Kung Fu?

When it comes to starting martial arts like Kung Fu people use all kinds of rationale to put it off, one of the more common ones cited is a lack of fitness or being too overweight to start training. This led me to investigate whether or not Kung Fu requires a certain level of fitness when beginning training.

You do not need to be fit to start training Kung Fu. Kung Fu classes are beginner-friendly and are a good choice for overweight or out-of-shape students. You can leverage Kung Fu classes to improve your fitness and lose weight.

Now that we know that having physical fitness is not a prerequisite for starting Kung Fu classes, let’s go over some other common concerns that come up when you are thinking about getting started.

Am I Too Old to Start Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is a martial art that is appropriate for a student of any age. Most classes are designed to allow you to pick your intensity level and live sparring that isn’t choreographed is rare in most schools and typically not incorporated into classes.

If you are older, you can keep an eye on how you feel after classes and adjust your recovery routines to make training sustainable and fun.

Do You Need to Be Strong for Kung Fu?

Being strong is not a requirement to train Kung Fu. Having basic strength might allow you to get pads or do techniques with a little more power, but it does not play a significant role in learning the traditions and techniques that are a part of training Kung Fu.

Adding a basic strength training program is good a idea for overall health, and building up your core strength will allow you to do some techniques and movements better.

Do You Need to Be Flexible for Kung Fu?

You do not have to be particularly flexible to practice most Kung Fu movements. Students getting started in Kung Fu do not need to worry about training flexibility beforehand since training Kung Fu will add some flexibility on its own.

Flexibility will, however, make your movements look more graceful and fluid. Additionally, techniques like kicks or anything that is more gymnastic could benefit from more flexibility.

How Hard is Kung Fu to Learn?

Kung Fu is a traditional martial art. Most traditional martial arts are made accessible to people of all ages, fitness levels, and experience levels. Getting started in the fundamentals of Kung Fu is not that difficult and the basics are easier to learn.

However, keep in mind that mastering Kung Fu will take plenty of time and dedication.

What to Expect in Your First Kung Fu Class

Kung Fu class is similar to most traditional martial arts that follow a format that blends general fitness with learning the specifics of the art.

A typical Kung Fu class will follow this format:

  1. Warm-ups: simple warm-ups and stretching
  2. General Fitness: calisthenics
  3. Fundamental Techniques: standard punches and kicks in solo-drill format
  4. Technique of the Day: Kung Fu techniques and drills
  5. Cool-Down: minor conditioning and qigong (a form of meditative movement)

What to Wear to Your First Kung Fu Class

Speak to the school in order to get an idea of what clothing and equipment to bring to your first class. Typically you will only be expected to bring yourself and wear gym clothes. If you have workout clothing that does not have pockets that is better since then nothing can get caught in pockets.

Shoe use can vary based on individual Kung Fu schools, check out my post Do You Wear Shoes in Kung Fu? to get more details on expectations for footwear in Kung Fu.

Final Thoughts

Kung Fu is a martial art that is accessible to beginners and people who are overweight and out of shape. Instructors are usually able to help you adjust your techniques to match your attributes. So don’t let your hesitation about fitness levels stop you from getting into Kung Fu if you are interested in it.

You can develop plenty of strength, fitness, and flexibility just from attending classes regularly.

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