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Andre Hansel is an avid martial artist and has had a keen interest in athletics for most of his life. When he isn’t training martial arts or on the mats helping to coach his son’s martial arts classes, he enjoys strength sports, reading, and hiking.

My Work Story

During college, I worked doing accounting work for Georgia Tech at the Nanotechnology research center and decided to focus in accounting at that point. I graduated with a degree in Business Administration at Georgia Tech with a certificate in Accounting in 2011.

While I was attending college I picked up a hobby in poker and spent a lot of time on it throughout college and the immediate years following graduation and used it to finance hobbies and vacations throughout that part of my life.

After graduating, I worked contract jobs as an accountant in the Greater Boston area and eventually worked for Harvard University as a cost accountant for Harvard University Press. I did the bulk of my corporate career in this role and eventually took my career in a different direction after my son was born.

I took the skills I learned in my poker hobby and used them to bridge the income gap while caring for my son and establishing a fledgling business. I went into business for myself in the design licensing space for print-on-demand products, which I still do to this day.

After starting my business I found more time to train in martial arts due to being able to set my own schedule. I started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in 2018 and this is still my primary martial art. I enrolled my son in the same school and have integrated martial arts into both of our lives to this day.

I moved into the Charlotte, NC area in 2020 and have become more involved in martial arts in the local area, eventually getting involved in my son’s martial arts program at We Are One Training Academy in Belmont, NC.

I don’t claim to be an expert in martial arts or a world-renowned competitor in that space. I decided to start this site in order to help everyday martial artists get the most out of their training time and to help parents understand and navigate martial arts training for their kids in the best way possible.

My goal is to bring together interesting and helpful information and make this site a place where you can find answers to questions and find the answers that you need to be educated in martial arts and have the best experience possible in martial arts.

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